Italian silk scarf tied in hair, cockatoo carnival print green and purple


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Italian silk scarf tie in hair, black and white garden print


Italian silk scarf tied in hair, butterfly and leopard print with botanical illustrations


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Hand Sewn


Luxury, ethically made silk scarves favoring a fashion forward approach with a historic sensibility.  Elwyn scarves are an heirloom accessory and can be personalized with your name or initials or even a loved one’s.  The perfect bespoke keepsake or gift with a conscience

- Elwyn New York


Get one with YOUR name on it!

Italian silk Scarves Designed in new york

Endless Style Possibilities...

Silk scarf tied around handbag. Personalized storybook scarf inspired by vintage books.
Model wearing a silk scarf tied as top with a book covering her face. Personalized enchanted liberty scarf with pastels and animals roaming the trees.

Hand sewn designs bring the fantasy to life


Shakespeare In
Love Scarf

Ribbons and Things

Aztec Butterfly

Silk scarf tied around head. Personalized storybook scarf inspired by vintage books.


New Collaborations:

Elwyn x Jade Trau Bandana


A wicker bag in a flower field with a leopard garden bandana featuring a beautiful leopard and butterfly print collaged together with botanical illustrations.
Model wearing a white lace dress, aztec ring, and carrying a bag. Birds of a feather bandana tied around wrist, a delightful design of swirling feathers, surrounded by creeping jaguars and parrots in the  graphic border.
Model wearing white lace and carrying flowers with a silk bandana with a tropical Leopard print has a vivid, vintage wallpaper feel from illustrations past tied around her neck.

new silk scarves!

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A Geometric Design, mixing earth tones and pops of brightly colored etymological butterflies.

Ethically made scarves

Sustainability is important to us. We are working in partnership with One Tree Planted which strives endlessly to reverse climate change by planting trees all over the planet where deforestation is prevalent and where ecosystems are in jeopardy. We will be donating a portion of our profit of every online sale to support this institution in its pursuit to preserve our natural world for future generations

This geometric crazy quilt print is a vintage-modern depiction of present day. Words you will find in design of the print: LOVE, GROW, BLM, LGBTQ, BE KIND, HOME, VOTE, 2020
In addtion: for every online sale of our Crazy Quilt Scarf, we will be donating a portion of our profits to the NAACP

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designer silk scarves

Personalized, Hand sewn, ethically made